© 2019 Lifespeed  

Sean: Vocals

James: Guitar/Vocals

Rob: Guitar/Vocals

T: Drums/Vocals

PJ: Bass/Vocals

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::: For over forty years, New Jersey has become famous for having the most thriving cover band scene in the country. The talent, creativity, originality and performance energy of our homegrown talent is unparalleled, and has resulted in venues throughout the country importing our artists to perform at their venues. Some of the more popular bands have been enjoying decades of success and show no signs of slowing down. 


Lifespeed exploded onto the scene in 2001 and was an immediate hit. Although some of the faces have changed over the years, the brand name has stayed a winner. When area favorite Sean Dunne joined in 2015, the band enjoyed a new infusion of energy and a surge in popularity. 


2019 saw the band at the top of their game, but this fall, yet another page turns and the bar will get raised even higher. 


After seven years as the bassist, lead male vocalist and show co-producer for Garden State Radio, Bobby August has decided to return to his roots and re-join Lifespeed.  


Ironically, Bobby and Sean have never shared the stage together, so this homecoming should be something very special. Now armed with FIVE lead singers and a great new production show, Sean, James, Bobby, Rob and T promise that LIFESPEED 2019 will be the strongest lineup to date. 


Now accepting select 2019 and 2020 dates. 

::: Lifespeed is exclusively and proudly booked by 107 Productions.

LIFESPEED - [lye-ph-speed] (verb/noun) - point of velocity in which mind body and soul transcend boundaries through pulse intensifying composition and conscious altering libretto set to melody; musical sensory breaking point. 

Combine masterful set lists, adrenaline and precision dynamics and you get LIFESPEED. LIFESPEED smashed onto the scene delivering a tight, mind-bending performance that transmits the crowd into a rock-induced frenzy. 

Since September of 2001 LIFESPEED has controlled the hard-rock cover scene by over-filling such NJ venues such as the Whiskey Bar Jenkinsons and The Ketch. The band's legendary Tuesdays at Bar Anticipation in Belmar have lines down the block every week. Their ever-changing set list includes the toughest nu-metal industrial tunes, 80's new wave, Hip-Hop, as well as pop and rock classics. Continuously adopting the current hits keeps LIFESPEED on top. Performing over 200 shows a year, Lifespeed is here to stay as a top draw with the college crowd. With their roots established in New Jersey, LIFESPEED continues to branch out, contributing musical mayhem to Pennsylvania, New York, Conneticut, Maryland, Vermont. and Boston. 

Rob, James, T, Sean and Bobby fuse together forming a solid rhythmic foundation echoed in the music they produce and the mass hysteria that follows. Each a master, their brilliance sparks the band's chemical combination on stage. 
They are commonly known as LIFESPEED.