Lifespeed 2015 is off and running, check us out Today.

This summer has been chock full of drama and gossip, but thats New Jersey for you, After a lengthy silence, here it is. Our long awaited press release....Drum roll please
Where to begin? Since July, we have pounded the pavement looking for the perfect lineup. That would prove to be a more difficult task than expected. From its inception in 2001, Lifespeed has always had the best players in the country on our stages, and we wanted to deliver the same level of quality youve grown to expect from us over the years. After months of meeting and auditioning many stellar players, we couldnt find the perfect fit.
Richie has been with us for months, and is already like family. When Mike and Dan entered the audition studio this summer, we were simply blown away, and Yes were a six piece now. Not only are they both monsters in their own right, their combined energy was off the charts. The band locked in like never before, and within a few weeks, we had a full night of new material. We wanted to take our time and get the music, promotion and direction perfect before we made any official announcements, and Lifespeed is now ready to roll with a fresh show and an original concept.
Like any healthy relationship, when its right, you just know it. 2014 Lifespeed is ready to take on the Northeast seaboard with a vengeance. We are very excited to introduce this latest and greatest version to our diehards, and are also looking forward to meeting the young fans the new guys will be introducing us to.
We have already secured dates in many premiere Lifespeed venues, and will make our official Central/South Jersey debut at 21 South in Jackson on Friday, December 27th . North Jersey launches for us in a big way with an incredible New Years Eve show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck. Mexicali was our Wednesday home for years, and we look forward to seeing many of our friends that night. Always check the website for up to the minute info. If youre half as excited about the new lineup as we are, 2015 will be our best year ever, See you in a few weeks.
Rob, James, T, Rich, Dan and Mike - Lifespeed

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